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Facemask Hack for Hurting Ears

Here's a 1 minute video I had my son help me film on how to fix a facemask that is hurting your ears. Super easy and you can solve the problem yourself at home! #RealHeroesMakeMasks #DIYFacemaskHack #HurtingEarsFacemasks

P.S. Invite your children to help you solve real-world problems. Training their brain for thinking outside the box, developing other-awareness and accessing their creativity to problem-solve begins now. Why not? Keep in mind that some of their suggestions may be complete fails, but remember, there's no wrong answer in brainstorming. Keep it positive, highlight their strengths, ask them questions to get them to think about the pros and cons to their proposed solutions and watch them rise to the occasion and come up with better ideas than you! #raisingtomorrowsleadersbeginstoday #askyourkidstoproblemsovle #raisingworldleadersstartsnow

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