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Hello, Welcome to CrazyGoodMotherhood!

Let's be honest. Motherhood, ahem, Raising World Changers, is simply the most complex, dangerous, influential, terrifying, stretching, rewarding, amazingly addicting and consistently unpredictable job there is. Our future leaders of tomorrow, AKA your children, have the power to totally disrupt your entire life and, one day, the world! And God chose you. Smudged between the kicks and giggles, are real, raw moments of personal sacrifice, requiring time, humility, insight and practice to grow into a better version of yourself and the mom you always wished you could be.


I believe there is power in coming together to gain a higher perspective throughout the journey. Whether you're dancing on the mountain top or army crawling down the darkest valley, welcome to the Crazygoodmotherhood community. Here, I hope you'll find some inspiration, insight, hope, laughter, resources, and encouragement. After all, motherhood is crazygood; so, don't do it alone.

Laura Stavlas

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Laura Stavlas is an entrepreneur, writer, singer/songwriter, speaker, teacher and homeschooling mom. Here at CrazyGoodMotherhood she shares 20+ years of teaching experience. Having taught students of all grade levels spanning various platforms (public schools, private, magnet, university, homeschool and youth ministry), Laura shares her journey and insight for the motherhood raising their own world changers alongside a positive community.


In her spare time, Laura enjoys getting daily lessons from her Greek husband how the root of all words come-a from-a Greek, debating why the cat is better than the dog, stalking their children for an unlimited supply of more photos, and at the end of a really crazygood day, looking out the window sipping a pumpkin spice latte and day dreaming of a perfectly cleaned house : )

My World Changers

My Students , 6th & 8th Grade

Somehow my two babies spaced a year and a half apart, are suddenly  12 and 13. I've had the privilege of homeschooling them from kindergarten through eighth grade. So I have a lot to say. And I want to hear from you too.


Let's strategize taking over the world by raising the most positive, resilient, honest, kind, future servant-leaders we can, and train for the long journey ahead in a positive community as we sacrifice our time and lives to get there. Go grab your cup of coffee and feel free to stay awhile.

Jesus Christ

Lord, Savior, Business Partner

Raising world changers requires a much higher power. Can I tell you about mine?


He's my Co- my co-writer, co-parent, business partner, my daily inspiration and best friend. He's known as the Resurrection and the Life. Good Shepherd, Alpha and Omega, Word Made Flesh, Living River, Breath of Life, Ever present help in time of need, Wonderful Counselor, Eternal King, the One who wears the crown, The Holy One, the Worthy One, The One who baptizes us in power from on high, the One who I cast my crown at his feet, The Greatest Influencer and Leader of all mankind, the One who started history cause it's all His Story, He's my WayMaker and Miracle Worker and Savior of the World. His name is Jesus.

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