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Mom, YOU are a Hidden Hero

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hey Moms, Did you know you're really a hidden hero?

One of my favorite heroines is Mother Teresa. But have you ever wondered about the parents who raised her? Turns out her father was an entrepreneur who had to have influenced her on how to work hard and build something resourceful. But her father passed away when she was only 8 years old. And her mom, now a single mom, had a big job to do in raising her children left behind. But what's amazing is that Mother Teresa's mom didn't give up. In fact, she instilled a passion for the poor and compassion to help others into her daughter. She would tell the little girl that we know as mother Teresa not to eat a spoon of food unless she could share it with others. Little did this grieving mom know that God was using her perseverance to shape the heart of a future wold changer.

I hope you read that and know that when you partner with God, no matter how dark or desperate your current status, he can take what you do know and multiply it with maximum influence on your own family, if you ask him to.

So here's my prayer for us today:

Father in Heaven, please give us the strength and grace to persevere through trials and model that to our own children. Help us to be aware that even when it seems like no one else sees, YOU not only see us, but we are setting an example for our children on how we can overcome obstacles in life. Give us the strength you talked about when you said your strength is made perfect in our weakness. And we ask that you would bless our kids with a heart after you and a ears to hear and eyes to see. We look to you for our source of supernatural strength so that you would get ALL the glory and credit as you build our own testimonies of light and life on the earth. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

And moms, remember, behind the most influential leaders and world changers was a mother who loved them and raised them well. So go being that hidden hero you already are.

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