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The Gift of QuaranTIME: Is Quarantine Really the Gift of Time?

Quarantine a gift? Say WHAT? No, I'm not denying that there is a lot of darkness and challenge going on right now. But NOT being able to go about our busy lives at the thundering racehorse speed we once knew has given us more of something we NEVER thought we'd have more of: T.I.M.E. AT HOME.

Fast Forward 5 years from now to when my daughter is graduating high school and going off to college. (Yes, I'm crazy to be thinking ahead like that) I bet in the moment I'm watching her DRIVE away in her own car, I'd do ANYTHING to have one more of these #ManicMomDays together at home. Simple. Basic. Moments together. I wonder then if I will look back and say to myself, YOU DID QUARANTINE RIGHT. You gave your all to making moments and memories. Thoughts like this only bring me to my knees asking God for GRACE to make this time COUNT.

Before I say anything further, Who needs that warm and fuzzy feel good virtual hug? Well, meet my little smile starter bouncy ball in the video below. Tito is 1-year-old chug puppy and keeps my family smiling every. Single. Day.

I NEVER thought I wanted a dog. I've been a "cat" person all my life. In fact, one of the first songs I've ever wrote, at 6 years old on the piano, was about how much I love cats : ) And I still do! But just like having more children, love multiplies. And I have been amazed at HOW MUCH I LOVE WALKING MY DOG. So you know what, CHANGE IS GOOD.

Like many moms, I struggle with making time for myself. But having Tito has helped give me a reason to put my to-do-list to the side and get outside and go for a walk. And as a sidenote, I lost 4 pounds by simply walking him 2 miles every day. Thank you, Tito! And can I tell you that on my walks during quarantine, it is the first time I have actually seen entire families WALK TOGETHER. Now, that is beautiful.

I wanted to share this quick video with anyone having a hard day or anyone who just needs a smile. And be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel while there : )

And there's another reason to share this goodness: This week I've been aiming to be more self aware of whether I am being positive or negative. Thankful or complaining? Encouraging or critical? Am I spending more time talking about how thankful I am for what I do have, or complaining about all the things I can't do?

In SPITE of Quarantine. I want to be positive.

I've always admired my own mom for being the most POSITIVE person I've ever met. She is always smiling and looking for ways to serve and spread joy to others. HER JOY IS SO CONTAGIOUS! And you know what, because she's so positive, she's so fun to be around.

And that brings me to another question: What will my kids say about me years from now when they think about our life in quarantine? Do you ever have those thoughts? Yes, it's time for me to reflect and be honest with myself. I hope to make this time COUNT.

I'm not talking about denying the difficult, but I'm saying not staying in an attitude of defeat. I want to keep my eyes fixed on higher things, and how I can help make things better. Isn't being negative so draining anyway?

Last week, I mentioned turning away from the #PinterestPerfectLies. Life isn't about being perfect. Let's let that facade go. However, I do want to see each day as a brand new opportunity to become a better version of myself. And that to me takes intentionality. I'm intentionally reflecting on my parenting and how I invest my time. I want to live my life on purpose. Taking each day as a gift and an opportunity to grow.

Therefore, I'm aiming to view #QuarantineLife as a gift. It's giving me the gift of extra time at home with my kids. So today, I paused to be grateful. I put aside my to-do-list and played several board games together. I lit the candle at the dinner table. I took some deep breaths walking the dog and took some pictures of the raindrops on roses.

And when my kids argued, I gave them the gift of a time out so they can reflect on what they need to learn too (just keeping it real).

Quarantine life is different for everyone right now. My prayers are with you. Thanks for stopping by. What are you reflecting on? Subscribe and leave me a comment. I'd love to know : ) And don't forget to stop and notice the raindrops on roses, because you've been given the gift of QuaranTIME.

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