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What in the World and Why I Homeschool.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Why I homeschool?

Six years ago I made a horrifying discovery. I was so busy attempting to influence other middle and high school students through my teaching career, I had very little energy and time left over to give my own two children. So with the support of my amazing husband, I made a scary choice to walk away from the familiar and attempt something I had NEVER, EVER imagined that I would want to do: homeschool my own children.


When I began homeschooling, my son was starting Kindergarten and my daughter the second grade. I cannot tell you how joyful, amazing and life changing the homeschooling journey has been for all of us. While homeschooling is not for everyone, it is working wonders for us. And like every other amazing journey in life, homeschooling is challenging, but it also is the most rewarding adventure I've ever taken.

Here I would like to offer you my experience and insight to help in any way I can. As of this year, I have officially taught EVERY grade level. I've taught English in public, private, homeschool coops. I also have taught the university level: including being a visiting lecturer at UNC-CH for the Masters of Arts in Teaching program. I have also been an AP grader for Literature and a teacher mentor. While I find myself mentoring new homeschool moms, I love learning and being mentored by them too!

If you're thinking about homeschooling, stay a while and subscribe. I have more posts coming with lots of advice and insight that I've learned along the way.

And, whatever educational path you choose for your children, I want to encourage you in the words of my Disney Favorite, Mother Gothel, "Mother Knows Best!"

Yes, mama, fellow crazygoodmother, you know what's best for your child. Just learn the options, be opened minded, follow your mom-instincts and go on raising your world changer one crazygood day at a time!

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