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Mom, YOU were CHOSEN

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi Moms, Here’s something to read when that little voice tells you that you’re “just” a mom. Remember, you’re raising world changers. And one day, hopefully the world will thank you. But for now, you might “just” be a hidden hero.

Mom, YOU were CHOSEN.

That word. Right there. Chosen. The one word we all long to hear. But seldom do we believe it.

I wonder how Mary, the mother of Jesus, must have felt when she first heard it. Imagine the scene: The angel Gabriel appears telling her that she, at the time a teenager and unmarried woman, would be entrusted with this heavy and unfathomable task of parenting the greatest History Maker our world has ever known.

Personally, upon seeing a big, glowing being appear to me, I think my first response would be to run frantically around in circles, screaming and searching for a place to hide, and that would be simply in response to the news of being pregnant again (jk). But really, parenting my two future world changers is all I can handle. Such the expression, “if you think my hands are full, then you should see my heart.” Understatement, my hands and heart are bursting at the seems in an ooeey gooey crazy good way.

But as for Mary, let’s not forget it was the year 1 AD. She had no formal degree or education. No plethora of parenting books to consult. No formal curriculum to guide her ways. Not even a car to drive sweet baby Jesus to the temple. No iphone to check the local and global news. No Pinterest ideas or Facebook friends for the long road ahead. No Google.

Yet, God chose Mary. So what was God trying to teach us in choosing a simple but willing person to mother the greatest influencer of Mankind? #Simplefaith

Could simple faith and trust in God be enough to raise a child who would become the Savior of the whole world?

Mary may not have known what she was doing, but she knew WHO she was with. And I’m not talking about Joseph, no offense to this godly man. Just saying a man or any human can only help you so far. They have limits. They have weaknesses. They fail you. But what did Mary know?

She knew God was with her. Simple faith was God’s brilliant idea. A simple partnership. And Mary said yes. Boom. History altered.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, it's those very moments that should remind WHO qualified you in the first place. Remember WHO is with you. Your Simple faith is Dangerous. And that’s why, God chose YOU.

Now go on and keep raising that world changer one crazygood day at a time.

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