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Singing Outside Windows During Covid19 #SocialDistanceSongWriting #SingingOutsideWindowsCovid19

Updated: May 5, 2020

I wrote a social distancing song, “Window,” this past week in #Coiv19Quarantine, inspired by all the pictures I've seen of family and friends standing separated outside the windows of their loved ones.

I have such a deep personal connection: In 2007 my life-long best friend, my beautiful grandmother, contracted a life-threatening contagious bacteria and had to be quarantined in the hospital. Because I was pregnant, I was not allowed to visit her at all. Our final visits were only by phone and while longing to see her smile and bright blue eyes and squeeze her hand, I thought to myself, “If I can’t hold your hand, I’ll hold onto your heart.” Now in the lyrics in the song's chorus. She had wanted to meet her new grandchild so badly, but she passed away right before and her funeral was the day my daughter was born. (Somehow, I believe she got a better view from heaven.)

Also, only a few weeks ago my cousin posted a picture of him visiting with his mom (my great aunt) from outside her window. She passed away only days after that window visit. The pain resonated so deeply in my heart as there was also no funeral to attend due to Covid19. Yet, in spite of all the pain, I have found that the persistence and determination to find new ways and any way to connect, even if sitting outside the window or a phone call, is so moving and beautiful.

I hope this song inspires you to find “the windows in the walls of our lives” and to just know you are not alone. If this song moves you, please feel free to share this video. I hope it will bring comfort and hope as we are all struggling and searching to "find windows through the walls of our lives" that we will also "find more rainbows to hold."

(c) Copyright 2020 Laura Stavlas

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